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Choose Virtual Talks or Virtual Walks from the off-the-peg list below or commission your own bespoke tour, focusing on a particular subject – family history being a great example. Book for yourself or buy a gift voucher for friends and family.

Virtual Talks?

A Virtual Talk means a PowerPoint with live commentary by Sophie, focusing on a part of the city or a subject, using images, video, maps, documents and quizzes. These can cover a lot of ground you can’t reach on an In-Person Tour or a Virtual Walk.

Price: From £150 (45 minutes + Q&A)

Virtual Walks?

A Virtual Walk means Sophie walking the streets of London with a steadycam, doing a live commentary as she goes. The routes are chosen for as many sights as possible relative to the amount of walking and to be in quiet areas, for obvious reasons.

Price: From £200 (1 hour + Q&A)

City of London virtual tour

Kerching! Say hello to the City of London

2000 years with its toes in the Thames has given the City (our Wall Street) a certain insouciance about world events, but the early 21st Century is a tough call. Find out why Roman realtors chose this spot, who drives sheep over London Bridge, why Bow Bells make you Cockney and what on earth is going on with that skyline?

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National Portrait Gallery virtual tour

National Portrait Gallery - The XX Tour

Ignore women at your peril, as this gallery found when a suffragette took a meat cleaver to Thomas Carlyle’s portrait in 1914. Every year more females grace its walls: from a dynamic diva and the political Pankhursts to a cross-dressing spy and a feminist physicist. The NPG is under restoration until 2023.

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Runnymede virtual tour

Signed, sealed, delivered: Runnymede + Magna Carta

Actually, it wasn’t signed (they didn’t in those days), nor was it delivered, due to Bad King John breaking the rules, but IT WAS SEALED in this meadow by the River Thames. Runnymede is often overlooked on Windsor tours – so let me persuade you, using JFK, calm reflection and an ancient yew, that you must visit.

Details & Booking +
Fleet Street virtual tour

Hold the front page! A jaunt along fabulous Fleet Street

Thump! That sound put the fear of god into journalists frantically polishing their copy as the presses crashed into action every afternoon. To most Brits Fleet Street is synonymous with journalism – and while the presses, newspapers and hacks have now moved on, the buildings and the atmosphere remain. BYO crate of claret.

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Shakespeare virtual tour

Odds bodkins! William Shakespeare hits London

We know about Shakespeare as a boy and in later life. In between is something else. Explore Bardic London with the help of a private archive, a hidden theatre, a church, two palaces and a Globe. Curtain up when you wish. No throwing of rotten medlars or loud chewing of hazelnuts at the back, please.

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River Lea virtual tour

Ooh, edgy: The hidden charms of the River Lea

Many Londoners have never heard of, let alone visited, the River Lea. Nobody can even spell it: the River Lea runs through Lee Valley Regional Park, for example (see the problem?) on its way down to the River Thames. Hear about bobby’s helmets, ammunition dumps, stately homes and the Olympics.

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Social Season virtual tour

La-di-dah: A short guide to the social season or 'Rocking the posh English summer'

Women in hats, men in formal gear, all against a backdrop of horses, boats, cricket or flowers. The summer social whirl, which oiled the wheels of the marriage market until the 20th century, ran in and around London. Still does. Twelve events survive and remain world class. Come and meet the runners and riders – no need to dress up.

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