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The Season: A Summer Whirl Through the English Social Season

A breezy look at the traditional events of the English ‘season’, from flat racing at Royal Ascot to rowing at Henley, in order to ponder why the English do what they do, and what they wear while they do it.

The Season – A Summer Whirl Through the English Social Season (Aurum)



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Toppers and tails: the hat acts

My brother held out his top hat. ‘Wow, that’s huge!’ she said, impressed, adding: ‘Six thousand pounds.’ ‘WHAT?’ we both said in unison, like those people on the Antiques Roadshow who have just discovered the umbrella stand is a T’ang vase. ‘If it was in top condition,’ she added hastily, before we could try and sell it to her.

Are you in, or are you out?

There is always some discreet barrier to keep everyone else out, but it is also essential that they can see in, in order to realise exactly what they are missing. In Victorian times, Ascot’s Royal Enclosure was fenced in with iron railings like a zoo, as if its occupants might assemble at certain times to be thrown canapés by the general public.

Nelson's Spyglass: 101 Curious Objects from British History

A picture book of extraordinary images, from Queen Victoria’s dancing slippers to the ‘dark glass’ of the Elizabethan necromancer John Dee, or indeed, the spyglass used by Admiral Lord Nelson as he fell fatally wounded onto the deck of HMS Victory.

Nelson’s Spyglass: 101 Curious Objects from British History (The History Press)


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