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The great thing about a gift voucher is its flexibility: the recipient can choose what they want to do and when and where they want to do it. Want to bring friends and family? No problem. Pursue a special interest? Easy. It works for all ages and abilities and it’s totally unique. Sophie will discuss the best use of either a Full Day or Half Day tour.


Full Day Tour (up to 8 hours) : £300
Half Day Tour (up to 4 hours): £200

Each voucher is sent directly to the recipient in a hand-addressed gold or silver envelope, or to the giver in an outer envelope so a personal message can be added.

Sophie Campbell guiding gift vouchers

Gift Voucher FAQs & Terms

Before booking be sure to read my Gift Voucher FAQs and the associated Terms & Conditions for more information on what is included and how to arrange your tour.

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