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Gift Vouchers FAQs

What does a Gift Voucher cover?

The time you wish to give, in half-day increments: half day, full day, day and a half etc.

How much is a Gift Voucher?

The same as Sophie’s normal fees: from £100 virtual to £300 bespoke. You can find the latest rates here.

Will it say the cost on the voucher?

It will say ‘Half Day Tour’, ‘Full Day Tour’ or a specific tour (see website for ideas).

How many people can use the voucher?

Up to 20 in person or up to 100 virtual, including the recipient. Bear in mind for in-person tours that more people move more slowly, stops take longer and entry into smaller, quirky site may be difficult. Please discuss.

Are there any guest restrictions?

People of any age, including children, are more than welcome but may not be allowed in some pubs or smaller sites. Please let Sophie know in advance if anyone has mobility issues, cultural issues or if young children will be walking, so she can plan accordingly.

Where do you guide? Is it only London?

Vouchers currently cover London, including Windsor and Hampton Court, but if you have your own transport or are happy to pay for Sophie’s transport costs in addition to the voucher, she also guides in Oxford, Bath, Stonehenge and Salisbury – including multi-day walks!

How do I get a Gift Voucher? Can I download one?

For security reasons, physical vouchers are posted, not downloaded, and virtual vouchers can be emailed. Each has a discreet number and the giver’s name and contact details are needed for cross-checking.

Will my personal details be used for any other purpose?

Details of giver and receiver will not be used for marketing, newsletters or any other purpose apart from validating the voucher, and will not be shared with any third party.

Do vouchers come in an envelope?

Each printed voucher has a unique number and comes in a silver or gold envelope. It can be sent first class to the recipient or to the donor, to be given in person or sent with a message.

Can you do a rush delivery?

Yes for physical vouchers, within reason (Sophie may be touring and unable to reach a Post Office!). Rush deliveries will incur an extra Next Day Delivery charge at Royal Mail rates. Virtual vouchers are, of course, almost instant.

How do I pay?

With a credit or debit card via Square, via PayPal or by bank transfer (usually free within the UK). There is a 2.5% charge for Square, PayPal or bank transfers from overseas. Overseas purchasers please note that charges may be applied by your bank. Please email to discuss.

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