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Gift Voucher Terms & Conditions

Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

Vouchers are uniquely numbered and come in a gold envelope. They can can be sent to the giver, in an outer envelope, to be hand-addressed with a personal message, or sent to the recipient, whichever you prefer.

A Full Day Tour (£300) is up to 8 hours and a Half Day (£200) up to 4 hours, including any stops for refreshments or site visits.

You are welcome to bring up to 10 people (including yourself/selves – but please bear in mind the more people, the slower the tour!)

Children and youngsters are very welcome but may not be allowed in some pubs or smaller sites, so please let Sophie know in advance.

Gift Vouchers cover Sophie’s guiding in London but any extras such as food, site admission or public transport are payable by the recipient/s.

Please contact Sophie a month in advance, if possible, to arrange a tour date and mention any issues such as walking pace or impairments.

Your tour can include as much or as little walking as you wish but on long walks please remember to wear appropriate footwear and clothing.

Cancellations: please give 48 hours’ notice where possible, but in case of illness or emergency on either side Sophie will reschedule the tour.

No personal information will be retained or used for any purpose other than dispatching the Gift Voucher.

Payment from UK accounts via bank transfer or PayPal. For international payments a 10% charge will be levied to cover bank charges.

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